Oh come here and hug me. I haven’t seen you in months!


Little sad isn’t it… I’ve been quite busy lately…

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It’s good to be back.


I beg to differ.

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✘ Given Name: Irina Miranov
✘ Significant Other: N/A
✘ Employment: Miranov & Co.
✘ Significant Moment: Soul Searching.
✘ Short Bio: After Irina had turned twenty-three and had become a true alpha she was finished with everything this camp had to do with. She had finally grasped control of her abilities and was off to start something in the world. The only problem is, it was hard to make it there. Irina spent an entire year in the underworld before she decided to go up and start her own fashion company. This year consisted of being hit on by skeletons and ordering around countless spirits. She grew even closer with Hades and Persephone during that year. But it wasn’t until Irina reached the age of twenty seven and her company was beginning with flying colors that she realized she was going to have to live on her own for the rest of her life. It was her destiny. She wasn’t going to have a family, have children, marry or any of that and she couldn’t do anything about it She didn’t deserve love, she had known that for eight years but at twenty seven it finally sunk in. She had to make her life worth living somehow.. So she built a pack. A new back, by turning by discovering by doing anything she could to make sure she wasn’t alone. She had already lost the one pack, she was not going to lose another. To this day she still have five members alive. The others passed from the wrath of hunters. She couldn’t do anything about it. It was worse then losing family. It was worse then losing Nico, Kris and Eric. It was like losing a part of her. 

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Take off those clothes and we’ll find out.

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Seven Lying Devils aka Liza’s 21 Birthday Present {Part 7/7}

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"Ok now smile!"

We are smiling Ambs” 

"Oh I know I just need proof that Irina is smiling!

Amber, Asteria and Irina attend New York Fashion Week

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Irina Miranov | Shake It Off

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